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Let’s Talk About… Resumes.

By October 25, 2018 No Comments

You know that one time in your career, when you wanted to move on, do something more exciting and challenging, take on that next big thing? … Or that really scary time, when you hated your job or your boss, or even worse you were out of work and DESPERATELY needed to find a new role?

Remember that one time, when you “googled” — how to make my resume STAND OUT above the rest (alongside of the other 25,000 applicants googling the SAME THING!).

You know, where you were telling yourself, “I bet I am not getting selected among the other 2,000 candidates online for this role, because my resume must not be aligning with the algorithms their system uses…I bet THAT is it!”  Sound familiar?

Not to sound sarcastic, but I hear it so often it makes my eye twitch!

And for a second, let’s think about it from the hiring manager or recruiter’s point of view… You know, that time when they are totally stressed out because they are already under-staffed and work is piling up.  That morning when they are so excited to sit down at their desk, coffee in hand, eager to filter through all 100 top applicants “selected by their system” to look for that over the top, where have you been, drop-dead perfect candidate… in writing.  You know, that is how it happens, Right?

I say… WRONG!

Think about it… If you were going to bring someone new into your organization, for ONE prized position, where would you start? A random list of 500 people who you know nothing about, other than how many key words they can place on their resume?  Not likely.

If I had to guess, if you wanted the BEST candidate for your team, you would “ask around”.  You would find a candidate, who someone you already trust, knows would be a great fit… you would look for REFERRALS!

Not only is it likely to work out better in your favor, because someone you trust will vouch for their abilities, but it would also save you TIME in not having to wade through the literal hundreds of applicants on your desk.

Now, am I saying your resume can be terrible and you will still get the job because your buddy gave your name to the employer? NO!  But what I am saying is right alongside an awesome resume…


You have to be NETWORKING.

Increasing your relevance in your industry to get your name towards the top of the list is crucial.  That’s right, you have to get uncomfortable, get out of your own way, and get to know other people!


So, when my clients ask me to “Make their resume shine, baby” … like literally I have received that verbatim request before, I always remind them that…

Yes, together, we will make sure your resume looks its best, but the key is… that we will make it stand out among the other REFERRALS you are competing against, not the random 1,000’s of applicants online.  Without the edge of a connection, your application efforts are likely falling flat.